Michael G. Davey, 分子生物学编辑



University of Western Ontario, London ON
B Sc Honors Biochemistry, 1997

Detailed knowledge of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, proteomics,
immunology, and genomics.

Outstanding research skills with over 12 years of experience in molecular biology, genetics,
protein biochemistry, genomics, and proteomics.

Author in 9 peer reviewed publications with several more in press or near publication.
Effective writing and editing skills, with experience helping with final drafts of several
research papers.

Sophisticated verbal and written communication skills with demonstrated management,
supervisory, teaching, and team mentoring experience.

Diverse knowledge of the sciences.

Writing and editing of papers for publication
FPLC experiments
MS Office 2010
Computer hardware/software
 Primer design, PCR
Yeast strain, vector construction.
DNA, RNA purification
Data analysis
Protein purification and Co-IP experiments
Yeast genomics
Assay development
Mass spectrometry
Lab management

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